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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1

A middle school teacher in New Orleans wants to take her class on an educational field trip to the National WWII Museum. She plans to bring 30 students from her 8th grade American history class. After looking at school bus options, she decides a charter bus would be more comfortable for the 45 minute drive each way. She gets a quote from a New Orleans charter bus company for a 56 passenger bus at $150 per hour. The teacher plans the trip from 9am to 3pm, so it will be a 6 hour rental. With taxes and fees, the total quote comes to $975. The charter bus company offers a 5% discount for schools, bringing it down to $926.25. To make it more affordable, the teacher divides the cost between the 30 students. Each student pays $30 for comfortable transportation and an air conditioned bus for their field trip. The teacher tips the driver 10% at $92.63 for excellent service. The total cost comes to $1,018.88 or about $34 per student.

Example #2

A corporate event planner in New Orleans is organizing an annual sales conference for her company’s top performers from around the country. She expects 75 sales reps to attend the 3-day conference at a hotel in the French Quarter. To make transportation easy during their stay, she decides to book a charter bus for group outings to local attractions like the National WWII Museum, Oak Alley Plantation, and a Mississippi River cruise. She rents a 56-passenger charter bus for 8 hours a day for all 3 days of the conference. The 8-hour daily rate for a charter bus that size in New Orleans is $1,400. For all 3 days, the total comes out to $4,200. She also tips the driver 10% at the end of each day, adding an extra $420 over the 3 days. The total cost of the New Orleans charter bus rental for her corporate event is $4,620. With 75 sales reps attending, it comes out to only $62 per person for convenient transportation to explore the city during their conference.

Example #3

A high school football team from a small town outside New Orleans is headed to the state championship game in the Big Easy. The team has 45 players, 5 coaches, and a group of very enthusiastic parents who want to cheer on the team. In total, their group size is 85 people. To make transportation easy for the big game, they decide to rent a charter bus in New Orleans. They price out a 56 passenger charter bus for a one day rental during their stay. The charter bus company quotes them $165 per hour to have the bus at their disposal from 8am to 11pm on game day. This comes out to a total of $2,970 for a 15 hour rental to provide roundtrip transportation from their hotel to the stadium and around the city. With such a large group, chartering a bus is much more affordable than booking a fleet of taxis or rideshares, and provides a comfortable way for their team and fans to travel together. To show their appreciation, the team decides to tip the charter bus driver 10% for excellent service, bringing their total to $3,267. While a splurge, it provides lasting memories for the team’s championship run.

Example #4

A group of friends from Baton Rouge decide to take a day trip to New Orleans for a Sunday of fun. There are 12 people going, and they want to visit the French Quarter, have a jazz brunch, and do a swamp tour. They decide to rent a minibus for the day to easily get around the busy city. The group rents a 14 passenger minibus for 10 hours from 9am-7pm at a rate of $140 per hour, totaling $1,400. The minibus picks them up and drops them off at their meeting spot in Baton Rouge. In New Orleans, the driver takes them exactly where they want to go. They have a great day exploring the city. At the end, they tip the minibus driver 15% for excellent service, adding $210 to the total cost. Their fun day trip exploring New Orleans costs $1,610 total.

Example #5

A bride and groom are getting married in the French Quarter of New Orleans. They expect 150 guests, many traveling from out of town. The couple wants to provide transportation for guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception. They also need a fun party bus for bachelor and bachelorette festivities. After getting quotes, they decide to rent three charter buses. For the wedding day, they reserve a 56-passenger and a 40-passenger bus from 10am-10pm at $150 per hour each. That’s $3,000 per bus or $6,000 total. On Friday night, they rent a 30-passenger party bus for the bachelor/bachelorette parties from 8pm-2am at $200 per hour, totaling $1,600. Between all three charter bus rentals for the weekend, the total comes to $7,600. The couple tips each driver 10% for excellent service, adding $760. Their New Orleans charter bus rentals ensure guests travel safely and focus on celebrating their big day.

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